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Over the past 40 years Tanzania Development Trust has changed the lives of thousands of people in Tanzania’s poorest communities by helping provide clean water, agricultural support, education, solar power, healthcare, and new and improved livelihoods.
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Power-Up Project

Kikuwe Dispensary Staff House elevations
Kikuwe Dispensary Staff House plan
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Kikukwe Village Dispensary is a long standing project of TDT, which funded the construction of the Dispensary. TDT partners have paid for water harvesting and electricity connection.

The dispensary is busy saving the lives of children, pregnant mothers, and the community at large. However they have an urgent need for staff housing, which will help ensure that this invaluable dispensary can continue to serve its community.

You can donate directly to this month’s power-up project, the Kikukwe Village Dispensary staff houses.  We guarantee that 100% of your money will go directly to this project.

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Star Supporter

Rachel Lindley having run the London Marathon for TDT

“Well, I did it – I ran the London Marathon for the Tanzania Development Trust. I did it in 3h 12m10s, and loved it. Well, mostly. With hindsight, anyway.

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Team Tanzania


Our volunteers on the ground in Tanzania are the eyes and ears of our work, giving up their time to ensure projects are well run and truly benefit local communities.

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First, read our Funding Guidelines carefully.  If your project fits within these Guidelines, you can download our Application Form.

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Agriculture, education, health and water projects

Every pound raised is spent on projects

Tanzania Development Trust is unlike most charities.

Our projects are carefully researched and clearly defined, and make a sustainable and tangible difference to some of Tanzania’s poorest communities.  Our Project Officers and local representatives often visit remote areas, off the beaten track for most charities and agencies.   We’ve been doing this for more than 40 years.

And we have no expenses:  every pound that you donate will be spent on projects.

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