Working with communities in Tanzania since 1975

Over the past 40 years Tanzania Development Trust has changed the lives of thousands of people in Tanzania’s poorest communities by helping provide clean water, agricultural support, education, solar power, healthcare, and new and improved livelihoods.
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Current Appeals

Bringing clean water to Kigoma

Many villages in rural Tanzania lack access to clean water meaning villagers are forced carry water very long distances, wasting hours every day. Sometimes they also have to drink from muddy ponds shared with animals, leading to multiple health problems, particularly for children.

Tanzania Development Trust’s local rep in Kigoma, Benedicto Hosea and his team, has successfully hand drilled over 15 boreholes and constructed simple rope pumps that can easily be repaired by the villagers.

You can help extend this low-cost, effective solution to more villages by donating through our dedicated fundraising page:
DONATE to bring clean water to a village in Kigoma.
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Join the fight against FGM

TDT has been active in the important fight against FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) and the wider campaign against forced early marriage and gender based violence (GBV) since 2014.

Donors can contribute to this important cause through TDT’s Girls’ Rights Fund dedicated fundraising page:

The GRF’s first grant was to local activist Rhobi Samwelly, the driving force behind the Mara Safe House, constructed with funds raised by TDT, and reckoned to have saved over 500 girls across three ‘cutting seasons’, with more from outreach work in villages. Rhobi is now operating a new Safe House in Butiama.

More on the Girls’ Rights Fund…
More on the Mugumu Safe House… 

Thank yous

We should like to thank donors for their generosity in supporting previous appeals, to complete a dispensary in Matongo Village, and for emergency funding following the Kagera earthquake in September 2016. Funding for the Matongo Dispensary is complete, and you can read about our earthquake relief efforts here.

Latest News

  • Ruth Harvey and Dan Wells Support Ruth and Dan’s Kili climb! - Thank you to Ruth Harvey and Dan Wells, who will combine their Kili climb later this year with fund raising on behalf of local communities in Tanzania. Ruth tells us that TDT is a "great match with what we are trying to achieve".
  • Sheila Lovell Sheila Lovell Memorial Fund Raising - TDT would like to thank the family of the late Sheila Lovell, a great supporter of the Trust's anti-FGM work, for setting up a fund raising page in her memory.
  • Dan Cook, Janet Chapman and Jonathan Pace at 2018 Campaign for Real Gin garden party Campaign for Real Gin Fund Raising - How £2000 raised at the Campaign for Real Gin's annual party in the gardens of Middle Temple, London, will help provide concrete water supply points for three villages in Kishanda, northwest Tanzania.
  • Hilary and Peter Bacon Tanzania visit blog 2018 Follow Hilary and Peter in Tanzania - BTS members Hilary and Peter Bacon are visiting Tanzania as part of their continuing personal commitment to supporting provision of computers within Tanzanian schools.


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Star Supporter

Rachel Lindley having run the London Marathon for TDT

“Well, I did it – I ran the London Marathon for the Tanzania Development Trust. I did it in 3h 12m10s, and loved it. Well, mostly. With hindsight, anyway.

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Team Tanzania


Our volunteers on the ground in Tanzania are the eyes and ears of our work, giving up their time to ensure projects are well run and truly benefit local communities.

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First, read our Funding Guidelines carefully.  If your project fits within these Guidelines, you can download our Application Form.

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Tanzania Development Trust is unlike most charities.

Our projects are carefully researched and clearly defined, and make a sustainable and tangible difference to some of Tanzania’s poorest communities.  Our Project Officers and local representatives often visit remote areas, off the beaten track for most charities and agencies.   We’ve been doing this for more than 40 years.

And we have no expenses:  every pound that you donate will be spent on projects.

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