How We Raise Funds

TDT is grateful to all our donors

Over more than  40 years, we have benefitted from a core of consistent donors, many of them making monthly standing order payments, and many of them members of Britain-Tanzania Society.

Every year we are helped in our efforts by the contributions of like-minded trusts and similar organisations. Sometimes we approach them with a project that appears to meet their criteria. Sometimes they approach us. We have worked with many of our partners on numerous projects over several years. Marked in gold on the graph, these partnerships are critical to enable TDT to punch above its weight.

(It may look as though contributions fell markedly in 2016/2017, but the drop in ‘restricted income’ reflected largely the completion of the building programme at the Mugumu Safe House).

TDT offers our partners the experience of more than 40 years’ operating in Tanzania; the ability to effect measurable change at a community level; and a network of committed local representatives able to monitor projects on the ground. If you would like to know more about partnering with TDT, please contact us.

We are indebted, too, to donors who organise events on our behalf, or take on sponsored challenges such as climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or running a marathon. We are members of online platforms JustGiving and MyDonate. Some raise funds for TDT generally, others ask us to advise on a specific project.

In recent years, legacy income (marked in green) has made a significant difference to the number of projects TDT has been able to take on.

Whilst legacies and in memoriam gifts have been scarcer in the past couple of years, we would emphasise just how valuable they can be.  Including a gift in your will is a simple but effective way to leave a lasting legacy, transforming lives and communities in Tanzania. You can make an unrestricted gift, allowing TDT to meet whatever needs are most urgent at the time. Or you can ask that your gift to be used in a particular region of Tanzania or for a particular type of project (e.g. health, education, water etc).  Please contact us if you would like to know more.

Tanzania Development Trust income and project spend 2008-2017

From the 2016/2017 Annual Report:

“TDT’s project expenditure in 2016/17 was somewhat lower than recent years, at £118,630 (2015/16 £156,029).  Lower spend on the FGM Safe House More accounted for than half the reduction, the major part of the building phase being over.  Income for TDT projects, including restricted donations for specific projects, was £111,065 (£148,147);   excluding the Safe House, income rose by around £7,000.   This was due to more than £23,000 raised by the appeal to assist those affected by the Kagera earthquake in September 2016.  As in past years, grants were received from a number of Trusts, in particular eu can aid!, Africa Palms and the Visram Foundation;  we are grateful for the support of all like-minded funds and trusts.  A highlight of the year was the generosity of the friends of Liz and Ron Fennell, who requested donations in lieu of gifts for their Diamond Wedding celebrations.  £5,000 was received from the very generous BTS members who have donated similarly in each of the previous five years. Spend on BTS members’ private projects was £51,713 (£61,993).”

Read the full 2016/2017 Annual Report