Our Work

AICT Centre for Tailoring and Youth Development, Tabora

The project aims to set up a youth tailoring centre.

584 the women's group in Muhalala village at their goat shed

AMKENI Livestock Project

A shed and two cows were purchased to enable a women’s group to increase their family incomes.


Bangwe Prison Kigoma

The distribution of blankets and shaving equipment to Bangwe Prison in Kigoma.

Beekeeper in Chamwino

Beekeeping in Chamwino

Demonstration Bee Farm at Chamwino, Dodoma District.


Blema Initiative: Sewing and Embroidery

Providing a number of sewing, embroidery and knitting machines for a sewing and embroidery project run by Blema.

Buturi Makongoro Primary School

Buturi Makongoro schools

Buturi village has suffered the twin disasters of HIV/AIDS and drought, and so this project aims to provide clean water for schoolchildren and surrounding communities.


Chawawawata Groundnut Processing Machines

This group want to purchase ‘blundering’ machines developed by VETA Tabora that are able to grind groundnuts and cashews to make paste that is used in cooking etc. This will enable families who have a disabled member to increase their income to cover the extra costs incurred by disability.

Damaged dam

Dam and Pipework Repairs

A grant was given to repair a broken dam, providing 51,000 villagers with clean water


Ebeneza Vocational Training Centre

The Ebeneza centre provides vocational training to address unemployment and low-skills among young women and men.

643 teachers in Vilongwa primary school fruit trees shamba

Health and Education Support for Nkonkwa Village

Solar power and a new water supply for health and education facilities in Nkonkwa Village, by Lake Tanganyika.


Ikimba Secondary Schools

Working with four secondary schools in the Ikimba region to improve the education of about 1,275 pupils.

female student at ikondo secondary school

Ikondo Secondary School

Ikondo is a remote rural school. TDT has made three separate grants to this school for lab equipment and textbooks, connecting the school to a electricity supply and building a girls’ hostel.


Kanyimbi Village Youth Garden Project

A grant to enable a youth gardening group to increase vegetable production as a means of increasing the incomes of around 30 young people.


KASODEFO Computer Training for Youth in Maswa

To enable much needed IT training to youth in Maswa.

KAYDD picture

Kasulu Youth Development

Kasulu Youth Development Project (KAYD) to empower disadvantaged young people through skills-training, so they can set up their own small businesses and earn an income

Street children

Kigoma: Street Children Support

TDT has supported ANCO for three years for its programme of finding homes for boys who are sleeping rough in Kasulu town.

Tanzania Feb and March 2016 091

Kihenya Secondary School Solar Power

Installation of solar powered lighting.

Kikuwe Dispensary Staff House elevations

Kikukwe Dispensary Staff House

Kikukwe Dispensary has an urgent need for staff housing, which will help ensure that this invaluable dispensary can continue to serve its community.

594 Girls enjoy renovated hostel

Kilimatinde Girls’ Hostel

Refurbishing Kilimatinde School Girls’ Hostel by installing bunk beds, electricity and a security grill.

Dispensary and doctor's house under construction in Lubalisi, Kigoma

Lubalisi Health Dispensary

TDT has helped bring healthcare to this area by funding solar power for the dispensary and the doctor’s house. As a result, the local authority confirmed they will post a doctor to the house to serve the community.

644  Mahembe women's group behind broken oil palm seed press

Mahembe Women’s Group Seed Pressing Project

Supporting a women’s group near Kigoma by providing new seed presses.

Tanzania Feb and March 2016 163

Makuru School Rain Water Harvesting

The aim of this project is to provide a large water tank, storing water from the roofs of the classrooms. This is for a school which currently can only get water from a pond and holes 3k from the school.

Girls dormitory, Manyoni hostel

Manyoni Secondary School, Girls’ Hostel

The hostel will give the girls extra security and improve the quality of their education and the likelihood of them passing Form 4 exams.


Marumba Village Development

TDT and Eucanaid, a charity set up by civil servants who work for the European Commission, are jointly funding nine projects to vastly improve the lives and future prospects of 2,000 people in this area.


Masekelo Secondary School Water

Provision of a water supply to Masekelo Secondary School, Shinyanga, from a nearby urban pipeline.

A woman washing clothes near the pond

Misechela Village Water Pipeline

Misechela Village had no reliable supply of clean and safe water. Grant from African Palms Association to pay for up to 7km of pipeline and standpoints for water, with local villagers digging the necessary trenches for the pipes.

A lady From CHipindimbi fetching at Miungo

Miungu Village Water Extension to Chipinpimbi

Extension of the Miungu pipeline, reported in 2015, to the nearby hamlet of Chipinpimbi.

Construction Dec 2015

Mnyambe Dispensary

To complete a new Out Patients’ Department at Mnyambe Dispensaray


Mugumu Safe House for Girls

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is illegal in Tanzania, but it is practised in remote areas far from the police. The Mugumu Safe House and Vocational Training Centre was built with funds raised by generous TDT supporters in 2014. It offers a safe haven for girls fleeing FGM.

Science equipment in use, Mugumu Secondary School

Mugumu Secondary School Laboratory Equipment

To install two solar panels at this secondary school.


Muyowirude Women’s Sewing and Embroidery

To provide sewing and knitting machines to teach local women and girls skills in sewing, knitting and crochet.


Ngasamo Secondary School Girls’ Dormitory

The completion of a girls hostel to benefit girls presently staying in villagers homes which is interfering with their studies and risking drop out and early pregnancies.

640  Village leaders and young women outside classroom in Ntuntu

NODIP Tailoring Training

Supporting NODIP by providing sewing and knitting machines to enable young women to train as tailors.


Nyailigamba Secondary School Electricity

The School has a TANESCO (Electricity Company) connection; they need to extend it to the science labs and to the library.

Volunteer feeding chicks

OPE Poultry Project

A project to benefit a total of 20 vulnerable children attending vocational skills training at Maganzo and 16 other Vulnerable children attending secondary schools in Shinyanga annually.

Tanzania Development Trust project map

Project Map

View TDT’s projects on a map of Tanzania.


Pump and Borehole, Kabagwe School

A rope hand pump and borehole were installed to provide the school with a clean, accessible water supply.

The new library in use

READ International books for secondary schools

A project to refurbish and equip a libraries in schools in Mtwara region.

Some REDES members at meeting on 15 Feb 2015

REDESA Entrepreneurship skills and Self help in Masasi District

The project, inspired by the ideas of the young people, is to provide entrepreneurship training and set up a type of Vocational Training Centre with workshops for carpentry and dressmaking.

Rubale Beekeeping project

Rubale Beekeeping

Three beekeeing groups in Rubale, Bukoba District, move to modern hives.

Layers at Mlanzi Village

Rusodi Poultry Project

Chicks and training for a poultry project to increase levels of income.


Safe House Growing Project

To support the Mugumu Safe House by growing food on a dedicated plot of land. This will also allow the girls to learn farming skills.

Samaria Youth Cement Bricks

A brick making project to tackle youth unemployment.


Serengeti Union Women Leadership Training

3 women from Rhobi Samwelly’s campaign programme against Gender-Based Violence were supported to attend a leadership training course in Kenya.


Short Story Competition

A competition for all students from schools which TDT supports to write in English.


Simiyu Water Project in Maswa

Amount of grant approved (£) : 2200Year of grant : 2016 Following on from the successful use of hand drilling technology in Zeze this grant was awarded to Kasodefo to...

Singida Tie & Dye and Soap Making for Pendeza Women Group

£1965 to help Singida women to expand their business.


Solar Energy for Community Solutions

A women’s group started a business selling solar lights.

Lindi School

Sports Facilities for Lindi School

A project to build a new sports pitch at a secondary school near Lindi

Storage facility in Zeze

Amount of grant approved (£) : 866Year of grant : 2015 Benedicto, our extremely committed local representative for Kigoma rural, has set up a youth group MVG, which has been...
Jackson returns home with help of ANCO

Street Children Education Support

Clean clothes, a primary school uniform, a mattress, a mosquito net and bus fares for a vulnerable child and an ANCO carer can enable a home to be found for a child living on the streets.

Tanzania Feb and March 2016 185

Sunflower Oil Machine

By purchasing hand operated pressing and filtering machines for the viilages of Thawi Chini and Thawi Juu the women, who grow sunflowers, will be able to increase their incomes; and will no longer need to travel some 19 miles to press the seeds.


Tabora PLHIV Beekeeping

Top bar hives and beekeeping equipment for people living with HIV/AIDS


Transforming Tanzanian schools with Technology

This project helps rural government secondary schools in the poorest areas of Tanzania access educational resources via technology.


Twetegereze Beekeeping Project

To purchase 50 bee hives and the establishment of a tree nursery.

Chikuyu drinking water comes from this river but only in rainy season

Water Storage Tanks in Manyoni Schools

A grant was given to four schools to build large water storage tanks.

Ihembe Development Association leaders discuss water tank locations in Ikembe

Water to Aid the Elderly, Karagwe

Storage tanks were installed in four villages for the elderly, who are less able to collect water.

Joyce Nyambo  Chair MWOCDEA women's chickens in new chicken hut

Women’s Group (MWOCDEA) Chicken Project

Supported a women’s group to build a chicken hut and start selling eggs.

632 Members of Y4SED

Youth For Social Development (Y4SED), Dodoma

This project supports Y4SED, a youth group that trains young people in entrepreneurship.


Zeze Secondary School Solar Panels

To install two solar panels at this secondary school.

Girls enjoying pump

Zeze Water – Replacement Pump

Zeze has 8000 people currently relying on 5 Indian Mark 2 pumps with no water at the school or dispensary. The aim is to replace one broken Indian Mk II pump with a rope pump